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MASSEPHASE BERLIN came into being because we simply could not bear to see any more teeth: Not in logos of dental practices and dental laboratories, not as laughing mascots on waiting room walls and not necessarily on social media. We were convinced that there had to be another way.

And lo and behold: there was another way! Inspired by the success of DIE PRAXIS, we started out as a creative agency in 2020 with the idea of turning the dust in the corridors of dental marketing departments into gold. We have since been able to convince many industry leaders with our ideas and have transformed pale B2B campaigns into striking business mass phases.

But just like J-Lo, we have never forgotten where we came from, in spite of the glamorous world of medical technology: From a dental practice well-known on the block in the middle of the pensioners’ paradise that is Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

We understand that it can simply be beyond one’s capacities to run the day-to-day business of your own practice and organize the practice’s marketing at the same time. We are familiar with the overwhelming challenge of distinguishing reputable recruiting service providers from those who are circling like vultures over dental practices of today, which have been hard hit by the shortage of skilled workers.
We have made the journey from a two-man carpet practice to a recognised specialist centre on over 500 square metres ourselves and know all the ups and downs that come with it. From now on, we put this knowledge at your service: MASSEPHASE BERLIN will put your practice into the limelight.

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Bring your website up to date? We'll do it!

Social Media

Social media, what for? We swear by it! Too shy to try? We’ll figure it out together.


You are in urgent need of support in your team? We can help you find the right person!

Training services

There will never be a point at which you know everything. Broaden your horizons and those of your team with us on a regular basis!


As if you don't have plenty to say! So why don’t come and spill the tea?

Praxis TV

Gala, Spiegel and all those other magazines are read online anyway. Offer content that is in tune with the zeitgeist!


Promotes your practice and makes for an awesome gift for your crew all at once!


With a book, patients can get to know your practice better and won't be bored in the waiting room.


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