Finally no more white trousers


Let’s fight for the profession to be appealing to men as well – and also for us to get some different trouser colours! That would be awesome. Then we would have achieved it all.

The podcast for qualified dental assistants with Lara and Alina. In their podcast, the two of them share their experiences about the ups and downs of working as qualified dental assistants in the notorious DIE PRAXIS in Berlin with a lot of humour and straight talk. Stubborn patients get a mouth mirror held up to them and careless bosses are about to feel the heat on their well-ironed polo shirts. Fixed clich├ęs are being broken out of people’s minds like damaged Maryland bridges and the question of all questions is: What trends will be heading for Germany when white trousers are finally banned from all practices? With the kind support of Straumann – your partner of choice for high-quality tooth replacement solutions and oral tissue regeneration.

Key data about the podcast:

by guess and by gosh
Episode length:
Approx. 30 Min
Slice of dentistry
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