Die Praxis

The cornerstone of our success: Massephase Berlin’s own laboratory, the creative playground where we never grow up. This is where we try out projects, test trends and go crazy – regardless of losses in the ranks of our sworn community. That way we know what works and how far dental Germany is willing to go when we accelerate YOUR brand with the next campaign.


How do you turn an old-established carpeted practice into a dental mecca after a takeover that lures the Kreuzberg creative and start-up scene out of their airy lofts - far to the west to Wilmersdorf, where the widow and the dachshund still bid each other goodnight?


If the quality of treatment is right, a dentist can walk around the practice without trousers - or at least wear a Carhart tunic instead of a polo shirt if it suits you.
Back when we started, brand awareness for most dentists meant deciding whether they wanted to drive a Porsche or a Mercedes as part of the founding process. Today, most practices have understood that they themselves are a brand - and that they have to fill this brand with life if they want to grow and be successful in the long term.


A website when Flash was still all the rage, later Facebook, then Instagram - communication is like the tale of KARIUS and BAKTUS: it is always looking for new ways. An image film starring Marteria, lavishly produced video content and its own merchandise collection: DIE PRAXIS has long since become a dental cult brand with lifestyle appeal - and the successful referral concept of the integrated Ü-PRAXIS proves the recognised quality of the treatment.

Massephase Berlin and DIE PRAXIS goes Hollywood with "Dentboss"

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