Megagen Implants

Megagen, the market leader for implants in Asia and health tech giant from South Korea sought to position itself in the European market.


The market for dental implants is quite saturated. System changes in this segment are accompanied by investments and a reorganisation of the workflow. Furthermore, suppliers from Asia struggle with a prejudiced reputation in Europe and are prone to being labelled "cheap imports".


There is a highly promising tech- and innovation-savvy target group of young dentists who are on Instagram and consider themselves - even before the pandemic - to be the digital avant-garde of the industry.
This young generation of users is image-conscious, cosmopolitan and embraces its digital, pop-culture-infused lifestyle in its professional life.


Content hotter than a Korean barbecue and a contemporary start-up image. The rather conservative German dentists were to be knocked off their feet and made both curious and greedy for more.
So we grabbed our camera and all available mobile phones and flooded Instagram and Facebook with stop-motion films, macro-product shots and DIY-style recreations of video games from the 80s. The dental community responded with likes and shares and the reach grew as did the company's customer base.

A sneak peek into the pixel-building block-world of Megagen we created.

Check out our stop-motion video or a surgery video (warning: gory!) for Megagen.

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