Swiss like Chocolate: Nowadays, Swiss quality stands for much more than luxury watches and powder snow. Many hidden champions of the med-tech world are based in the land of powder snow and precision.
So many, in fact, that the value proposition “Swiss Made” alone is no longer enough to lure today’s discerning and, above all, brand-conscious customers away from the fondue pot. Therefore, Bien-Air wanted one thing above all else for its in-house service offering: visibility!


The long-established Swiss enterprise sought to strengthen its direct sales and encourage its customers to actually make use of the company's services.


Direct distribution by manufacturers entails additional organisational work in the day-to-day practice compared to the depot: an additional field service appointment, a further service hotline and an additional invoicing process.


It' s actually not irrelevant who invented it.
A colourful, eye-catching campaign that makes customers look twice and genuinely consider the benefits.

In a colourful video series for social media full of rhymes and puns, we not only showcased the benefits of the Bien-Air online shop, but also the benefits of becoming a member of Club-Bien Air.

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