The Sons and Queens of Dentistry from Tuttlingen have a heart of polished steel. For us, it was love at first click. They wanted content that reflected their love of quality and rock ‘n roll.


With the outbreak of the pandemic, the big wheel of the dental industry suddenly came to a standstill: no field service, no further training, no trade fairs.
How was Ustomed supposed to reach its customers - let alone convince new customers of its products?


Dental instruments are by and large alike, regardless of who they are made by. The decision for one or the other manufacturing company in medical practices is determined by certain factors nowadays more than ever: While product and service quality are taken for granted, people want to know who they are dealing with.
Dentists also want to identify with a brand and its values in their own practice, so in a nutshell: it has to feel right.


We packed our bags, drove to Tuttlingen and delivered an award-worthy film about Ustomed with the modest title: Ustomed - The World's Best Company.
We had the company's employees wielding samurai swords and illuminated their enchanting instruments down to the last screw thread. We flew drones over motorbikes and Mustangs, on which Washtray and Steribox sparkled to match the chrome shine of the engines. We filmed the Ustis in the wild and showed what they do best: being themselves.
In addition, we recorded podcast commercials with them, revived old TV formats and forged the digital blank Ustomed into a highly functional precision tool during a year-long business consultancy.
To cut a long story short: We transformed a few distinctive guys from Tuttlingen into a brand that is now a household name for almost everyone in the industry.

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