Straumann Group

For Straumann, the global market leader in implantology, it was the obvious choice to team up with Massephase Berlin: The global market leader for dental anabolic steroids. The outcome is one of the most ambitious campaigns to have been launched in the dental industry in recent years: The Straumann Group’s Centres of Excellence.


Successful Straumann users were to be designated as a Centre of Excellence. But: Excellence imposes obligations - and since Straumann wants to be the world's No. 1 in the implant industry, the company's value proposition and its claim to be the pioneer of an entire industry, despite the size of the group, had to be reflected in the campaign.


Yet another industry seal of approval from the industry no longer entices dentists these days. The users want actual added value that can help them simplify their heavy daily workload and position their own practices among the competition. After all, this is precisely what time is often missing for in a practice.


Massephase Berlin developed the strategy, corporate identity, patient journey, print material and, as the icing on the cake, digital marketing. We produced powerful highlight clips in which construction workers, MMA fighters and the "inventor of the internet" lose their teeth and receive a new tooth in their Centre of Excellence within a day through Immediacy.
We developed vast amounts of medical help content for patients and referrers and carried out the onboarding for the new CoEs.

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